Weight loss research

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So, I’ve been looking at other ways to lose weight other than get a dietician. Yesterday, I found out that my job actually offers great discounts on health and well being stuff, which includes low gym membership fees, a registered nutritionist, etc, etc.

One of the programs that they offer discounts on is the Nutrisystem program…I’ve been seriously thinking about giving that a go for a while now, just to get started, and see how I like it. It might be easier to try it out and see how it goes. I do get a discount, which is tempting. I’m also considering gym memberships, too….I get 50 to 60% discounts for memberships, and one of them is at 24 hours fitness that’s opening near me! So, there’s something to think about.

If you’ve got any suggestions or ideas, please leave them! I could use some advice. :)

Research, research, research!!!

•June 5, 2011 • 4 Comments

So, I’ve been doing a crazy amount of research on the application procedures, particularly the medical front and such. From what I can gather (correct me if I’m wrong), you need to be healthy enough to be able to get shipped off to your country for the next 27 months, and considering myself right now, I have a very strong feeling that I won’t pass as I am right now. I am not simply overweight, but on the BMI index, I would be considered morbidly obese (even though people tell me I do not look like I am) and as such, that does bring up a lot of concerns about my overall health.

I’ve always had a fairly decent blood pressure. Sure, sometimes it’s a bit high when I’m stressed out, but it’s a lot lower than what most of my doctors would have expected upon meeting me for my appointments, which is somewhat odd. I guess I can thank my mom for that tendency to have a lower blood pressure, but regardless, I know I need to get my weight under control if I am to be considered for Peace Corps. My family has a history of heart disease and adult onset diabetes, so I know that by losing weight, I will make it that much easier to stall the heart disease part as long as possible, and in turn, live a longer (perhaps?) and healthier life.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided that I will start by losing about 30-50 pounds before I start the application process. It’ll probably take a couple months, or just the entire summer, whichever happens first. So I will be applying for PC in summer’s end, September perhaps. I just hope that by then, I will already have developed healthier lifelong eating habits, and I can prepare myself more easily for my time abroad if I am selected to serve.  Of course, I will continue to strive to lose weight during the application process. I don’t expect to be completely fit before I go abroad, but I would like to at least be in relatively good shape when I do go through with it.

So, for those of you who are reading this, especially PCVs or RPCVs, or even applicants…did you have worries about your weight and overall health effecting PC’s decision as to whether or not you are fit and able to serve as a volunteer? How did you adapt to that? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

Thinking of Peace Corps

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So, I’ve actually made the decision to start seriously considering joining Peace Corps last week, but this week, I’ve been reading up on all the blogs, the Peace Corps Wiki, the Peace Corps website, and just generally trying to grab any and all information about joining up. I’ve pretty much settled on applying in the next few weeks, since I feel that it would be a great step in the direction for me.

To be quite honest, I’m actually a bit conflicted in how I’m feeling about the decision. This is a major decision. It’s over two years of my life, for Peace Corps. At the same time, I’d be doing a lot of good. I’d get exposure to the world out there. I’ll see a whole different culture, see what it’s like out there, and experience a whole new world in my eyes and thought process, and in the process of doing so, I’ll grow from it, change, and be a different person because of it.

It will be extremely challenging for me if I actually do join up and get sent to wherever I go for my assignment. I’ll be learning a new language, and the rules of the culture and society norms wherever I go…and I believe I will need to learn how to write in that language specifically. I’m deaf, so there’s the added pressure of making sure that I overachieve what language I need to learn…and picking up on the sign language of the country if need to be.

From a lot of people who are prospective Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs for short), I’ve learned a bit about the application process. I’ve also contacted someone that one of the people I know in my hometown knows that is a deaf PCV. Or a deaf RPCV (retired PCV)…not sure which she is. I’m hoping that I’ll hear from her, and I can get more information on it with her.

It’s a major step. But I think it’s the right major step. Yes, my life will be in an major upheaval if I do get in, and get to go. But I think I’ll be stronger for just going through the process, and learning from it. So, we will see how it goes, eh?

P.S.  – Yes, I submitted this blog to the Peace Corps Journals . My hope is that as I start on this journey, I can help others, especially the deaf prospective PCVs learn from my experience in the application process, and know what to expect, generally.  So, yeah. Here goes!!


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